Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
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What A Beautiful Lifeform.....

*Swoons, overwhelmed by feelings of love*..... .

*Remembers when she embraced me earlier*.

Maybe my real ability, is straight up.....luck O_O..... .

How could I even have ***encountered*** a being so beautiful......, so beautiful, so healthy, so wholesome.....(*feels a touch to the top of my head*). I see now.....why I did not sweat that "heart attack"..... . (*Swoons in awe and love*).

Wow.. . Omg. What is she? A walking and talking sentient universe??? (*Swoons as remembers her delicious celestial energy and limitless vitality*). Wow... . Life is awesome. I'm so impressed O_O. Oh my gosh, and she even loves me??? O_O.

Yea, I need to see her again. I am ready and willing to conclude this trialing thing....., and that so I can live alongside her forever and ever in the hyperdimensional plane.

Oh my gosh......(*swoons*).
Tags: hyperdimensional lifeforms, love, love is salvation, relationship matters
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