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What A Gorgeous Morning / Holy Sanctuary Of Light

Gosh.... . Uh, something is happening to me and this house....... . Some kind of hyperspectral light has descended upon this place O_O ^_^. (*Gasps as I feel a caress to my waist*).

Is it because ***she*** is here now? My soulmate, the gallant, gentle, and majestic hyperdimensional being from yesterday???

*Ponders*..... .


Oh. Last night I noted a fight posed by some odd pair....O_O. A pair I did not recognize or even really remember. (*Blinks*).

Enemies just do not learn... . Whenever I am hurt, or even go "Code Blue", I come back "adapted".

It was all over so fast...., as if I just used reality manipulation or something.... . I dunno though, maybe I held back...for some reason, because after that I spent a long while running from the suddenly zombified (!?!?!) odd pair (*blinks as a kiss is felt*) (!!??!!).....within a dark house. Eventually I noted the lead unit of the pair strangely reach at my arm......and strangely nibble at my fingers O_O...... . I felt deep pity, not even wanting to harm em. Stuff was just scary, and very saddening. I just wanted to run. Yea, so I unleashed my reality manipulation abilities on some kind of new level....... . Yea, everything went white..... . When I next opened my eyes, I was in a bed O_O....(clothed of course...). The pair was sleeping (???), and both were in an anime state. The nibbler one, looking a lot like Kim Diehl of Soul Eater NOT, was curled up and sleeping in an extremely deep manner at my side O_O..... . I got up, crept away from the bed, and fled.

Me? I need to avoid fights right now, and keep this heart running...in ***any*** case...till I get my music studio from Raleigh.
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