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The Real Chronicles Of Sailor Moon / セーラームーンの水晶 / セーラームーンが真実のですよ!

The Bejeweled Sanctum

Jag Yggdrasil
13 April 1983
greetingscats ;), to the lj of lj'er formerly known as jag....observe the 'psychic proof'....and havecatting teh welltime ^_~ with lore of eternity as cited by your pal the rhapsodycat ^_^!

that was the 'old' profile :P...needless to say, and as my journal attests, in reality i could only be in a comatose state....as i undergo a spirit quest of sorts ^_^...nonetheless, i consider this lj a memorial as well as a method of outreach....may this journal be of service to those who (actually can) see and thus read it...

Hmmm, heh *chuckles* ...., I've undergone a drastic awakening~ since even writing the above modification. Still, though, I welcome any readers who would wish to read of my travels and experiences. I thank you for reading this ^_^.